With years of experience, Stewart’s Cutting Edge is proud to offer custom hardscaping projects for our customers. This can include stone walkways, retaining walls, or stone borders around your garden.

We will come and survey your property and walk through the ideas you may have in terms of hardscaping. While there, on our initial visit, we will offer suggestions that would work best for the projects you desire. Combining our knowledge and expertise with your ideas, we can develop an excellent project for your property.

Stone Walkways/Driveways

Having your driveway or walkways made of stone to give it a unique look can draw the eyes of visitors or passers-by. Stone can come in various colours and shapes; it depends on your preference and the look you wish to achieve. Whatever look you want, we have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to get as close to that as possible, if not match it perfectly.

Stone walkways can add a rustic charm to a garden or a beautiful walkway from the sidewalk to your door. Once a stone and a path are chosen, our trained experts will come and excavate the area the stones will be laid in before laying them. We will fill holes with gravel or sand and make sure it’s level the entire way through.

Paving stones are ideal for driveways as they generally have a smooth surface. They come in different shapes and colours and can also come with various patterns or designs. They also absorb the water, which helps prevent the sand from swelling or bubbling up. At Stewart’s Cutting Edge, we take pride in every project and strive for your satisfaction.

Retaining Walls/Garden Stone Borders

Whether you want to have your garden on ground level or raised, we can use stone walls to help you accent it and draw eyes to it. Whichever you choose, we can make it look beautiful and add curb appeal to your home or accentuate your backyard. Both of these options are eco-friendly and can prevent soil erosion, and it’s really up to your preference.

Retaining walls can be used for more than just raising flower beds. They can be used to provide a solid boundary marker, or if you live on a slope, they can help prevent landslides. They require very little maintenance, are long-lasting and look amazing after being placed.


Some people don’t want to walk on grass throughout their yard. Having a patio laid down by Stewart’s Cutting Edge can bring new life to your property. We offer many options for patios, including tile, brick, concrete, and flagstone. We will suggest which stone will work best with your vision, budget, and property. If you want to provide any part of your outdoor property with a facelift with a patio, we are more than happy to help you get your dream yard.

Stewarts Cutting Edge is proud to offer Norfolk and Brantford areas hardscape services to residential properties, customizing it to your specific needs. Whether you need hardscape in your front yard or backyard, or other areas around your property, contact us today for more information.


From concrete pads, to walkways and Armour stone designs, we specialize in turning your outdoor dreams into a reality.