Local landscapers you can trust

Landscaping is something that can help add curb appeal to your property. Stewarts Cutting Edge can bring new life to the value of your home. From lawn maintenance to plant material and everything in between, we can bring our expertise in landscaping to your home.

Landscaping can be done by just about anyone, but it is highly recommended to hire professionals who know what they’re doing and take the heavy lifting and dirty work off your hands. With Stewarts Cutting Edge, we will come and survey your property and give you a quote before we begin any project.

Lawn Maintenance

Performing maintenance on your lawn allows you to nourish it and make it even more attractive. We can help you with this process, among many other skills. Through adding fertilizer, cutting your lawn, or laying seeds down, your lawn can be transformed into a luscious and green space you can enjoy with family and friends.

We can not only do lawn cutting but also install sod. Installing sod will give you a healthy and weedless new lawn in the area where there wasn’t one before already. It’ll also make your property nicer – denser and with less soil erosion than with just a patch of grass or plants.

Plants and Hedges

Stewarts Cutting Edge provides high-quality services, which will allow you to take pride in the appearance of your property. We don’t only look at your grass; we also take care of your plants and hedges throughout your property. If you would like edible ground cover in your vegetable garden to help conserve moisture, repel pests and smother weeds, we can do that for you. We can also lay down plant materials such as landscape fabric to help plants grow without disrupting weeds while still maintaining the integrity of the soil.

Hedges also play a significant factor in landscape. Without putting up a fence, hedges can provide privacy and security to your home while giving it a pleasant aesthetic and curb appeal. Not only do they help the people living in your home, but hedges also provide shelter and food for birds and other animals that may come on your property. Hedges can help border a walkway or the perimeter of your yard, or if you would like, both can work. They come in various heights and widths, depending on your preference. Stewarts Cutting Edge is proud to liven up your yard with a line of hedges if that is in your vision of your dream yard.

Stewarts Cutting Edge is proud to offer Norfolk and Brantford areas landscaping services to residential properties, customizing it to your specific needs. Whether you need landscaping help for the first time, repairing or fixing areas surrounding your home, contact us today for more information.


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