Excavation seems like something that is just loud and noisy to most; however, it is very detailed and intricate. You may assume that it will be easy to do excavation on your own, but room for error is so high that we recommend hiring professionals. Consider Stewart’s Cutting Edge for earth excavation of all kinds: we can dig, grade, and move the earth quickly and safely.

For any construction, excavation is central and creates the outline of your buildable space. Not a simple process at all; excavation needs to be planned very carefully with time-specific goals. If you don’t have this in place, chances are you’ll run into problems down the road.


Prior to beginning an excavation project, drainage and stormwater management must be addressed. These elements are important not only to avoid damage to any buildings that may be constructed in the area, but also to prevent erosion from damaging the soil. You can trust our professionals that clear communication will be in order through the whole process.

At Stewarts Cutting Edge, we take pride in our work in ensuring that land is cleared, and we talk through each step of the process with our customers. Planning out and conducting the excavation process from beginning to end without causing you any hassles. We follow two “S” s on each project we are hired for: safety and satisfaction. This is ensured by considering, planning and performing all the safety measures required for each project based on the site’s unique specifications for excavation.

Through our excavation services, we can help prepare sites for new structures. For example, we can dig your yard so it can be ready for structures when they are needed and help with water drainage if there’s too much water in an area. We offer residential excavation to help with basement filling, expanding your yard for a pool or playground, repairing your underground piping systems, and other home repairs. Excavation is also a great service to have when wanting to build a new home, leveling the land in order to build the structure and surveying the condition of the soil you’re planning on building on, including the digging of the basement.


Regulations make it difficult for farmers and country residents to navigate the increasingly strict CEPA guidelines. Stewarts Cutting Edge Inc. understands these guidelines and is up-to-date on work that can and cannot be done on your property. We are also knowledgeable about the required permits you will also need to acquire.

Call us for questions and estimates on these services:

  • Culverts
  • Loader Services
  • Material Hauling
  • Ditch Cleanout
  • Waterway Cleanout
  • Septic Systems
  • Drain Tiling
  • Trenching of all kinds

Why Choose Stewart’s Cutting Edge Inc.?

Stewarts Cutting Edge is proud to offer Norfolk and Brantford areas excavation services to barges and residential properties, customizing it to your specific needs. Whether you need excavation help with building a new home, repairing or fixing areas around your current home, contact us today for more information.


From concrete pads, to walkways and Armour stone designs, we specialize in turning your outdoor dreams into a reality.